Enigmia (enigmia) wrote,

The other day while driving
Down the freeway in the morning
It looked just like Nevada,
With its long open roads,
And my longing for you.

The trees here are in full bloom
They're stupid, honest, and naive
They're thoughtless insticts betray them
The weather is fooling everyone, but it cant fool me.
I know springs not here yet.

But parts of this city
They look just like parts of others
Places I drove through
When I was running away.
The similarities remind.

I dont run so far away now.
I can just get in my car and drive
On the freeways of Nevada...
Ten minutes from my home.
I can see those quiet Californian towns
While dropping someone off.

And while the open road beckons
And I long to feel its desolate comfort
I dont need to run away
To be reminded of what I have at home.
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